Full Controller Silicone Grip - Compatible with PS5® DualSense® Controller

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PS5® DualSense® Controller are too expensive to risk damaging! A full cover silicone grip offers protection from light damage, general wear & tear, and enhances your gaming experience with extra grip. Don't let sweaty hands from your poor K:D ratio get in the way again, this high-quality complete controller cover is a precise mould that won't interfere with buttons, triggers and sticks but will improve your performance. 

Features - 

  • Protects from light damage + wear & tear. 
  • Sweat & Dust proof design
  • Light & thin silica gel with a precise fit. 
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatible with PS5® DualSense® Controller

Note - This is not a genuine Sony product. It is not endorsed, licenced or manufactured by Sony.