PS5 Faceplate - Disc Edition

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Red and Blue currently out of stock

The one we've all been waiting for... PS5 faceplates are now available. No more pre-orders! We now hold stock of these faceplates ready to ship directly to your door

  • Easy slide-off, slide-on replacement of the OEM faceplates. No tools required!
  • Complete install in under 60 seconds!
  • Injection moulded from wear resistant ABS plastic to give the same high-quality feel as the original faceplates.

Digital Edition faceplates coming in March 2021. Pre-Orders to open soon

Note- These faceplates do not have the PS logo cut-out which is present on the upper back of the original console faceplates.

Note - This is not a genuine Sony product. It is not endorsed, licenced or manufactured by Sony.